Lloyds of London

Corporate photography for the financial services industry


We provide a range of photographic services for Lloyds of London, from headshots and team photos to documentary photography of presentations and networking events.

We photographed CEO Inga Beale on the day she was promoted to her new role and our photographs were beamed around the world by companies such as Bloomberg, Sky News and the BBC.

Our photographs have been used in house as well as for external marketing such as the brochure for Lloyds Community Program.

Different types of photography at various events, ranging from headshots of the CEO for immediate press release to documentary photography of workshops and presentations.

Headshots and lifestyle photography to have interesting backgrounds, ideally with a sense that it is in Lloyds of London, for example, showing the famous bell on the trading floor,or various aspects of the unique architecture of the building.

We have a range of lighting set ups available to suit every need though most of our work can be photographed with natural light and fill flash from speed guns, either on camera or off camera. This is really quick and easy to set up and takes very little space.